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Latest pro-life efforts target abortion tourism

Pro-life abortion restrictions taking hold across the country are having unintended consequences in a few states with less regulation: women traveling across state lines to kill their babies. Half of the abortions performed in Kansas, more than a third of those in North Dakota, and almost a quarter in Tennessee are considered “out of state,” according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Overall abortion rates in all three states decreased between 2008 and 2011—35 percent in Kansas, 14 percent in North Dakota, and 15 percent in Tennessee. But pro-life activists hope to see those numbers drop even further with new laws designed to cut down on abortion tourism.

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Massachusetts Governor Signs Radical Bill Prohibiting Pro-Life Free Speech

Despite the fact the nation’s highest court took the state of Massachusetts to task for passing a law curtailing the free speech rights of pro-life advocates, the Bay State is again trying to suppress them. In a unanimous decision last month, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts buffer zone law prohibiting pro-life free speech outside abortion clinics. The decision was a huge victory for pro-life sidewalk counselors who provide women with abortion alternatives. In their ruling, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts law that created a 35-foot “buffer zone” restricting pro-life advocates from speaking with people entering abortion facilities.

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Sudanese woman who refused to recant Christian faith while facing death heads to new US home

A Sudanese woman who refused to recant her Christian faith in the face of a death sentence is heading to the United States. Meriam Ibrahim, her husband and their children are due to arrive in Philadelphia on Thursday on a flight from Rome. The Rev. William Devlin, a New York City pastor who has helped the family, says they will be flying onto Manchester, New Hampshire, where the family will make their new home.

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Only America can save Iraq’s last Christians

The Arabic “nun” symbol, or N, which stands for Nazarene and refers to Christians, ominously began appearing, stamped in red, on Christian homes in Mosul, Iraq, two weeks ago. By mid-July, it was accompanied by another statement, painted in black, “Property of the Islamic State.” And with that, the Christians found their worst fears confirmed. On July 19, ISIS, the Sunni Muslim insurgent group declaring itself the Islamic State, carried out unabated and unabashed religious cleansing against Christians and the non-Sunni Muslim communities. Today, in this place of Nineveh of the Bible, the ancient heart of Iraqi Christianity, there’s not a single Christian left. All have been stripped of their possessions and deported.

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Jesse Ventura May or May Not Have Lost Barfight, But What He Won from a Sniper’s Widow is Staggering

Former Minnesota Governor and Navy SEAL veteran Jesse Ventura won his defamation lawsuit against the widow of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. He was awarded a whopping $1.8 million in damages by a Federal jury. Ventura alleges that details of a bar fight that Kyle wrote about in his book American Sniper, in which Kyle says he punched Ventura after he made the comment that the Navy SEALs “deserved to lose a few,” were fabricated. In February 2013, Chris Kyle, who was the most deadly sniper in American history, was tragically killed at a shooting range while helping veterans with PTSD. After Kyle’s tragic death, 9/11 Truther Jesse Ventura decided to continue the lawsuit against Kyle but then included Kyle’s widow.

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Poll: Americans cool to border-crossing children

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Americans are wary of granting refugee status to children crossing the U.S. border to flee strife-torn countries in Central America, and most in an Associated Press-GfK poll say the U.S. does not have a moral obligation to accept asylum seekers generally. The new poll found 53 percent of Americans believe the United States has no moral obligation to offer asylum to people who escape violence or political persecution, while 44 percent believe it has that responsibility.

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Ohio State Psychology Class Quiz Tells Students Atheists Are Smarter Than Christians

Here’s an actual, for-credit homework quiz in an undergraduate class called Psychology 1100 at Ohio State University: Theo has an IQ of 100 and Aine has an IQ of 125. Which of the following statements would you expect to be true?

•  Aine is an atheist, while Theo is a Christian.

 Aine earns less money than Theo.

•  Theo is more liberal than Aine.

•  Theo is an atheist, while Aine is a Christian.

The bolded statement, suggesting that atheists are — demonstrably and as a group — smarter than Christians, is the credited answer on the quiz. A student currently enrolled in the class who wishes to remain anonymous tipped off Campus Reform about the questionable quiz at the taxpayer-funded school. “Colleges will tolerate pretty much any religion other than Christianity,” the student told Campus Reform. “If colleges really want to give everyone a fair shot, they should stay away from making comments about any religion.”


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Religious Leader Looks to West For Help for Iraqi Christians

The Chaldean Catholic Patriarch is appealing to the international community for action against ISIS’ expulsion of Christians in Mosul, deeming the situation as “21st century genocide.” “It’s mass cleansing based on religion.” Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako said. “It is a shame that in the 21st century we have such behavior.” Sako said Western countries and the United Nations must go beyond condemnation and take rectifying action. “This is the responsibility of a nation like the United States that cherishes democracy, freedom of religion and freedom of conscious,” Sako said. The patriarch cited his contacts in Mosul who say the area is now devoid of Christian presence following ISIS’ ultimatum earlier this month. “It is tragic because that city was the nucleus of Christian presence for many centuries,” Sako said. “We have at least 25 churches in that city. All are abandoned. There’s no more prayer service, no more masses on Sundays in Mosul because there’s no clergy, no people there that are Christians.”

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Obama Nominates “Religious Freedom” Ambassador Who Called Protecting Hobby Lobby “Deeply Troubling”

President Barack Obama has nominated a new “Religious Freedom Ambassador,” but his nominee opposes protecting the religious freedoms of the owners of Hobby Lobby, who don’t want to be forced to pay for drugs for their employees that cause abortions. Obama announced that he will nominate Rabbi David Nathan Saperstein as Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom at the State Department. Saperstein is a longtime pro-abortion advocate whose group has opposed pro-life legislation. “I am grateful that Rabbi Saperstein has chosen to dedicate his talent to serving the American people at this important time for our country.  I look forward to working with him in the months and years ahead,” he said. Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, is subject to Senate confirmation.

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IRS Strikes Deal With Atheist Group to Monitor Content of Sermons

The next time your pastor delivers a pro-life sermon or urges the congregation to stand up for pro-life values in the political or public arena, he could be taken to task by the IRS. Alliance Defending Freedom asked the Internal Revenue Service Tuesday to release all documents related to its recent decision to settle a lawsuit with an atheist group that claims the IRS has adopted new protocols and procedures for the investigation of churches.  ADF submitted the Freedom of Information Act request after learning of the IRS’s agreement with Freedom From Religion Foundation in a press releasethe group issued on July 17 concerning its lawsuit Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Koskinen, which accused the agency of failing to investigate churches the way the atheist group would like.

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