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Ban Lifted, a Church Exults

It was a jubilant Palm Sunday at Grace Fellowship Church in Queens, where a congregation celebrated a decision by Mayor Bill de Blasio to allow religious services in public-school buildings.

Grace Fellowship Church, which meets at Public School 150 in the Sunnyside section of Queens, was one of about 30 churches facing eviction after a U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision earlier this month upheld the city’s right to bar them from worshiping in public schools on weekends.

“I feel like now we can focus our attention on being a good neighbor,” Rev. Jon Storck, the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, said after services Sunday inside the colorfully decorated walls of P.S. 150.

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HHS secretary nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell oversaw Gates Foundation’s population control efforts

The woman who will oversee the Obama administration’s implementation of the HHS mandate, requiring employers to give “free” contraception to all American women, spent a decade leading the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s population control efforts in the Third World.

President Obama has named Sylvia Mathews Burwell to succeed Kathleen Sebelius as secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Burwell served the Gates Foundation in a variety of capacities from 2001 until December 2011, including executive vice president, chief operating officer (COO), and president of its Global Development Program.

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Christian Publisher Plans Pro-’Gay’ Book, Employees ‘Under Threat’

WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group is planning to release, through its liberal imprint Convergent Books, a manuscript titled God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships.

Is the Christian world about to suffer through another World Vision moment?

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Thought Police on Patrol

Two months ago, a petition bearing more than 110,000 signatures was delivered to the Washington Post demanding a ban on any article questioning global warming. The petition arrived the day before publication of my column, which consisted of precisely that heresy.

The column ran as usual. But I was gratified by the show of intolerance because it perfectly illustrated my argument that the Left is entering a new phase of ideological agitation — no longer trying to win the debate but stopping debate altogether, banishing from public discourse any and all opposition.

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Kathleen Sebelius resignation: Obama says the HHS secretary will ‘go down in history’

President Barack Obama announced his intention to nominate Sylvia Mathews Burwell to serve as the next secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on Friday, and praised departing Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for leading the agency through the creation and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The Rose Garden was the site of several standing ovations as Obama celebrated the enrollment of at least 7.5 million Americans in health care exchanges and Sebelius’s broader role in making the new law work.

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Are Single People the Lepers of Today’s Church?

There are the people who talk about singles in the church as a problem. There are the people who say you’re “too picky” if you have any standards at all. There are the people who hint that you couldn’t get a spouse because you’re not spiritual enough or because God is trying to punish you for something. And then there are my favorites: the people who helpfully point out that there’ll be no one to look after you in your old age. (Thanks for reminding me once again of that topic that has so often kept me lying awake into the small hours!)

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For Extreme Evangelical Street Preachers, Shouting Controversial Sermons Is a Family Affair

For Susanna LaVelle’s parents, watching their 11-year-old daughter make her big debut was a moment of heart-swelling pride.

But the LaVelles weren’t attending a child’s soccer game or ballet recital. They were gathered outside of a sports arena in Spokane, Wash., for their favorite pastime — preaching from the sidewalks that the people filing in were sinners with a one-way ticket to hell.

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The New Status of Pornography—Worthy of Academic Attention?

Sex addiction has resulted in a great deal of pain and loss to those entrapped: from severe marital problems–many of which lead eventually to divorce, to job disruption and loss of career opportunities, to depression and thoughts of suicide. (see CSAT Media Kit) Studies of people who view internet pornography extensively are showing increasing evidence of actual changes to brain development. And yet, a new journal is now being released with a seeming unawareness of just how dire the situation of pornography abuse and addiction has become.

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Why Chinese Christians are camping out to save their church and cross from demolition

Concerned that Christianity was growing too fast and in an “unsustainable” manner, local officials in the province of Zhejiang began a campaign in February to demolish any church buildings that violated local regulations, according to a government Web site.

But the real targets, local Christians say, are the prominent crosses that many churches use to advertise their presence. Several Christian leaders allege that the provincial Communist Party secretary objected to seeing many large and bright crosses during a recent trip along a major highway, and ordered some to be removed.

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OkCupid’s CEO Donated to an Anti-Gay Campaign Once, Too

Of course, it’s been a decade since Yagan’s donation to Cannon, and a decade or more since many of Cannon’s votes on gay rights. It’s possible that Cannon’s opinions have shifted, or maybe his votes were more politics than ideology; a tactic by the Mormon Rep. to satisfy his Utah constituency. It’s also quite possible that Yagan’s politics have changed since 2004: He donated to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2007 and 2008. Perhaps even Firefox’s Eich has rethought LGBT equality since his 2008 donation. But OkCupid didn’t include any such nuance in its take-down of Firefox.

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