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Contact Kellogg’s Concerning ‘Jam It’ Ad

Kellogg’s new Pop Tart commercial includes a double entendre that is inappropriate and unnecessary. Foul language or the implication of it is not needed in this commercial, but that is exactly what Kellogg’s intended with their play on words. The animated commercial has a mom pop tart and a dad pop tart admiring their newborn baby pop tart at the hospital nursery when a nurse walks in. The dialogue includes: “He so has your peanut butter. Well, he’s got your jelly.” Then the nurse, while rubbing her hands together ready to devour the baby pop tart, says, “Time for a feeding.” The parents say, “No! Ah, Jam It!” The advertisement could have ended with “No!” but Kellogg’s chose to include a phrase that sounded just like a curse word. Kellogg’s should be more responsible in their marketing decisions. Let them know that as a parent and consumer you are offended the company cares more about financial gain than the impression made on our children.

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The “Director of Civil and Human Rights” for the United Methodist Church, Bill Mefford, posted a picture to Twitter yesterday mocking the pro-life marchers. Mefford, who works for the church’s lobby arm, the General Board of Church and Society, ridiculed the marchers by posting a picture of himself standing before them with a sign saying “I march for sandwiches.”

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What Life Is Like at 20 Weeks in the Womb

The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act bans abortions after 20 weeks, except in cases where rape or incest had been reported to authorities. It’s a law the majority of Americans actually agree on—with 60 percent of Americans polling in support. But Wednesday night, House GOP leaders canceled the bill’s scheduled Thursday vote because of uproar among some moderate members. After digging into the details of what life at 20 weeks looks like in the womb (highlighted in the infographic below), it’s no surprise this is where Americans align. Unfortunately, as The Daily Signal’s Katrina Trinko wrote last night, that’s not the case for lawmakers in Washington.

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March for Life: 42 Years After Roe v. Wade, Half of Americans Say Abortion Is Morally Wrong

Hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates are in Washington Thursday to peacefully protest against the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade 42 years ago that made abortion legal in the United States. This year, as protesters walk along Constitution Avenue in the 42nd annual March for Life rally, members of the House had planned to be voting on a bill that would ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, but due to objections among some Republican members to a rape reporting provision in the bill that vote has been delayed. Instead members will be voting on a bill sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith, R-New Jersey, that would block taxpayers’ dollars from being used to pay for abortion services under health insurance plans purchased on the federal exchange. The bill would also require full disclosure showing consumers which plans cover abortion services or have a surcharge fee. The Christian Post reported in November that a report from the Government Accountability Office revels that over 1,036 Obamacare plans in 28 states cover elective aboritons.

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Mother: Aid-in-dying bill carries Brittany Maynard’s legacy

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – The mother of a young woman whose battle with brain cancer drew widespread attention to her desire to legally end her life with prescribed drugs in California appeared Wednesday in the state Capitol to push for aid-in-dying legislation. Debbie Ziegler said that lawmakers should honor her daughter, Brittany Maynard, by passing a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to kill themselves in California with drugs and dosages recommended by a doctor. The practice is legal in five states, including Oregon, where Maynard moved before her suicide Nov. 1. The 29-year-old San Francisco Bay Area woman had made her case public with online videos, saying in clips that were viewed tens of millions of times that she should have been able to legally obtain life-ending drugs in California.

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Having a Son or Daughter With Down Syndrome: Perspectives From Mothers and Fathers

This study asks parents who have children with Down syndrome (DS) how they feel about their lives so that such information could be shared with expectant couples during prenatal counseling sessions. A valid and reliable survey instrument was mailed to 4,924 households on the mailing lists of six non-profit DS organizations. Of the 2,044 respondents, 99% reported that they love their son or daughter;97%were proud of them;79%felt their outlook on life was more positive because of them; 5% felt embarrassed by them; and 4% regretted having them. The parents report that 95% of their sons or daughters without DS have good relationships with their siblings with DS. The overwhelming majority of parents surveyed report that they are happy with their decision to have their child with DS and indicate that their sons and daughters are great sources of love and pride.

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Obama spent more for dinner in Hawaii than his SOTU tax credit for families

Among the highlights of President Obama’s State of the Union address plans to pull the American family out of economic plight is a $500 tax credit for two-earner families. Here’s how the White House presented it in a fact sheet: “Provide a new, simple tax credit to two-earner families. The president will propose a new $500 second earner credit to help cover the additional costs faced by families in which both spouses work — benefiting 24 million couples.” The provision is included in his effort “to help middle class families get ahead.” Like who? Administration officials said families earning up to $210,000 would get a piece of the tax credit. That is four-times the earning of the “typical” middle class income of $51,939 calculated by the Obama-supporting Center for American Progress.

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Stand with Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was fired from his job this week by the mayor because of his Christian views on marriage. After serving a one-month suspension for writing a book expressing sex outside marriage (including homosexuality) as sinful, Chief Cochran faced the wrath of homosexual activists and Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed and was publicly chastised and summarily fired from his position. Chief Cochran, a devoted Christian, wrote a short book, a portion of which conveys the biblical view of homosexuality. He gave copies of the book, Who Told You That You Were Naked? (published in November 2013), to a few co-workers he knew to be strong Christians – but three city employees also received a copy without asking for one. Chief Cochran said he referenced homosexuality on less than half a page in the 160-page book.

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Papa John’s Decides What They’re Going to Do About Female Driver Who Shot Robber in Self-Defense

News has spread this week about an unidentified delivery woman for Papa John’s who was making her rounds in a Georgia neighborhood on Sunday when a man approached her car with a gun to try and rob her. What the man didn’t realize was that the woman was also carrying a handgun in her pocket when he pulled her out of the vehicle. But as soon as she was on the ground, the woman pulled the handgun from her pocket and shot the would-be robber in the face, killing him. For days now, the woman has been afraid of losing her job due to a work policy which forbids the carrying of firearms by delivery personnel, even for personal defense.

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Activist Pamela Geller to Head Texas Rally for Free Speech and Protest Islamic Conference

In response to public outcry, local grassroots groups will join forces to stand for free speech and peacefully protest the Islamic fundraiser, Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect on Saturday, January 17, outside of the Curtis Culwell Center in the Dallas suburb of Garland, starting at 5pm (CT). The effort will be headed up by nationally recognized human rights activist Pamela Geller.

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